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totally awesome works by all of us! .. we rock!


Great new challenge! Y'all rocked it too! Congrats Sandie!


congrats Sandie!!

and beautiful work girls!!

Aimée Wheaton

Love them all!!!

Melissa Mann

WOW!!! you girls rocked it out!!! Fantastic work!

Julie Ann Shahin

Congrats Sandie!!! Wow, you ladies made beautiful art!!!! Love your goddesses, they are so ethereal!!!!

Leslie Cranwill

Congratulations Sandi...WTG girl!!!!

I loved this challenge and can't wait to see what everyone else creates!

Sindy Wong

Such creative ideas! Awesome!!!

Kathryn Johnson

Beautiful work, ladies!

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

thank you SO much ladies. Everyone's work was so beautiful, that I was stunned to be chosen. Everyone rocked this challenge. I loved them all.


Speedy Gonzales me again... ;O).
Just way to excited when the idea came!

Blog (FULL description with 27 pictures):


You Rock Sarah!!!!!

Pam S

Beautiful! I love seeing all the gorgeous work you all do!

Lesley Langdon

Beautiful work ladies~!!! You do ROCK. :)


I SO want to try these but frankly I am 100% intimidated!

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Beautifully made. You are a genius!

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