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Another amazing challenge!! All the projects are so beautiful! Thanks to the Team for all this work!!!


WOW- Congratulations Larissa!!!
I am blown away by your project, Such careful composition.
And done completely around.
I would love to see this in real life.

Project 52 Ladies!!!! Magnificent- Love all the creations:
Francesca- feels like sunshine and spring
Aimee- this is Seasonal Art to display!!!
Kathryn- Love the nursery rhyme theme- adorable gate
Tania- Whimsical and bright
Julie Ann- I would love to own this !!!! will forward my addy LOL

Laura McCann

just amazing projects!


Oh Wow! ladies....you never cease to inspire and amaze! Welcome Larissa....beautiful project!


Wow, what a surprise! Larissa's project is so wonderful! great job again ladies, you are the most inspiring, the most awsome girls in the net ;)

Sindy Wong

Lovely creations! I love the magical feel of Larissa's and Karthyn's project, like an enchanted forest! Julie Ann's is sooo sweet and useful to pin up anything! You gals rock!


Awesome creations girls! .

Karen Dodson

These are all so beautiful!!

Julie Ann, where do you get the ideas for these great challenges?



wowowwww Larissa!! Your work is always stunning!!! And other girls your work is so beautiful and inspiring!! great job!! a big yeahhhhh for you all!!!


larissa albernaz

Girls, you´re so kind!!! I´m so honored to be a GD here! Bad girls project 52 is always a great source of inspirations!!! Thank you!

Julie Ann Shahin

@Karen, I would love to take credit - but Pamela Palmiri came up with the challenges when she was on the team! Thanks!!! We'll have a new batch of challenges soon. Hopefully you won't even notice a difference as they'll be just as good. :)

Thanks again Larissa for being a guest and rockin' the house. I knew she would and then she went beyond! Huge thanks for my design team for being the best in every way possible, for being just good people and then for making the most gorgeous art - Tania, so happy and fun and fast; Kathryn for being so clever and going vintage, stealing my heart; Aimee's I love because it's so original and authentic, and breathtaking, and Francesca's is a total all-around popular hit with the happy yellow and playful flowers - people are really feelin' it on Facebook!!!!

Rita Barakat

Lovely job as always ladies!!! I am hoping to get some scrappy mojo going withthis challenge!

Jasmin Brahim

Oh my goodness!! Now this is one place that just takes your breath away!! I am in the midst of drooling, hyperventilating and breathlessness by the work and inspiration of all the ladies!!


These are all super gorgeous... and I might still have time to make one since it's only the 15th!! Yay!!


I am sooo excited I just finished my entry and love it!!
You all DT have done a gorgeous work here!!!!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Fabulous work gals! I've got a project idea that is perfect for this challenge. How fun! This will be my first one.


Such beautiful inspiration from you all, so loved this challenge that I finally decided to give it a try....
I look forward to what's install for the next challenge....
Larissa your OTP is just beyond words, such a beautiful piece of art....

joei lau

Really can't stand for these wonderful DT works and all the inspiring challenges here!

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I live looking at your work! Will follow!

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This is really nice pic !I love those flower of Yours!!

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