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I guess i wont be able to do this because I am not a member of facebook and i don't want to be. i really like your blog so far though.

Chris A

I became a fan on facebook - I love the challenges on your site and look forward to being inspired by all of your creative energy


I've done the blog hop and all I can say is WOW!!! Incredible work, and so much information! I did leave a comment on each blog but it appears under 2 names: Heather & hmscrap100 due to my google account name. I'm off to do the facebook fan thing next. And by the way, I spent the last 2 hours painting up a storm on this little canvas I have that has been sitting in my drawer for over a year! Thanks for giving me the inspiration to tackle it.


Sweet, would so love to win this Oct kit.

Amy G

Okay, I'm really thinking about this; if i can find canvas for cheap (HELP), I am so on this!


I am a fan! I'm loving your kits! Now on to the blog hop :) Looking forward to the days ahead!

Natalie Laney

I love this, just hope to have time to do some of the projects

Nikki Davis

sooo exciting!!!! i fanned u on FB. off to vist the blogs and work on my project. another great kit BTW!

Beverly S.

Already a "fan" on Facebook. :) Thank you for the chance to win this SWEEET blog candy. Would love to win....as I'm sure everyone else would too. :)

elizabeth rosemond

Woo hooo!! This is exciting. Can't wait to see what you girlies have up your sleeves :)


I've done the blog hop and can't wait to get my canvas and get started!


I can't wait! I am so excited to see the wonderful stuff!!
FB fan - check
Comment - check
Hop - going now!!

Nancy Mitchell

To Amy....who said the canvas has to be new. Go to Goodwill and find an old one - repaint it...It's good to recycle and get your supplies cheap. They usually have a bunch of ugly pictures on canvas that no one wants! Paint away! nm


Already a fan on facebook, although busy period with not much time to spend on the web. Will take more time to look at things when things are less hectic, love all the stuff though.


What a fabulous idea!


Some blogs require to log in and I'm never able to do this. So, I can't leave comments on each blog. I have accounts with all required places and I put the correct information in and it still never works. How can I participate without leaving posts on every blog?



I ADORE this kit and would love to win it! I have fanned you on fb, and am ready to start hopping!


I really hope I can find some time to take part in the blog hop -- needing some inspiration to get into the scrapping room again. Thanks for starting this.


I really want to do this! This looks like fun!


I love the idea for the first project. I am very excited because it seems like something I can actually do :) Love what you are doing here and on the other blog too. I am learning so much already. Also registered for facebook just so I could add you as a fan (guess I am finally getting up-to-date with the whole social media thing). On to the blog hop!


I don't understand how to log into some of the blogs either. Maybe it's a Robin thing! Any explanation for how to do this? I'm posting a query on the messageboard too.

Lianne Gray

such a great idea and looking forward to following this

Julie Ann Shahin

I will be posting instructions for leaving blog comments if you are not familar to the blog world http://www.badgirlskits.com/mb/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=9184&start=0d here


How fun...thanks for the invite Julie Ann


This sounds like so much fun!!!!

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