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April 02, 2010



Oh you KNOW I'm in!!!

Julie Ann Shahin

Yay Sarah!


You know I can't pass up a great challenge (even an unofficial one)...so, I'm in!

Jasmin Brahim

I'd love to try..but so afraid that I can't fulfill it everyday. But I will try my best even it's just creating something small. So I shall say "count me in"... :-)
I need that motivational drive...

Rita B

Sounds fun! I won't be able to do everyday but I will pop in when I can!


I am so in, what a cool way to get out and be creative every day! Even if its a doodle, who cares!!


wendy, just read your latest email about "monthly kits & the industry" vs raising teenagers. I support you all the way, as an artist and a mother. I just sent one off to college and miss him every day! We love you, you are awesome. Keep on creating!!

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I will pop in when I can!

Curtis Johnson Realty

This is a challenge but I know that you can do it. The art works looks nice and pretty. I love them, to be honest. I should try to make one this weekend if I have time. I have learned a lot from your site. This is very interesting. Keep up the good work and more power.

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Nice work on putting together a very interesting post.


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yeah,so good to establish one's own blog!may you good!

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Sometimes maybe you can experience it yourself!You can comment,to write something dow.It is always good for you !

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More of us would like to wrte some blogs to express something like the happiness,the sprrow,the shadow,thesunshines also!It is a good way to tell us own oppinions.I agree with this way.And you?

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Every morning when I open my eyes,I stare at the roof so long to think more about myself,what do I want ,what do I need and how do I be like this,does it really I want,need or like.

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I guess I must do some change to make it different of the rest of my life,let everyday become more significent!!!

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Everyday when I was tired, I must do something to let myself feel rich.I do washing, do some exersice ,do some reading and anything if it can make me so substantial .

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