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July 14, 2009



Wow Wendy!!! There is so much going on this month!!! First I have to say that the kits for July are gorgeous (as always). Secondly I should tell you that my whole apartment has been taken over by glitter, gesso, glimmermist, and paper scraps! No matter how much I vacuum, there is still glitter. My coffee table has turned into it's own piece of art really with paint and gesso all over it. My cats are even sparkly sometimes... it's quite funny!!


This month's kits are gorgeous! Bummed I wasn't around to snatch one up.

I KWYM about the messy house. I'm a single girl, with an apartment that's being overrun by art projects! The kitchen table is a drying station for my drying projects. The coffee table and my scrap table in the living room are covered! And glitter? Even the cat glitters at me from time to time!

Karen Dodson

Whoo! You're having a busy month here Wendy!!! I love it,though!!

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY BAD GIRLS!!!!!!!! I can't believe I've only been here 2 years! It seems like I've known you ladies FOREVER!!!

All the amazing classes rock, and I'm so excited to be learning from Jen and Jeni! They have both been amazing teachers. I love being around all you artists and seeing the beautiful work you create. Thanks to all the Bad Girls for being my inspiration!!

Can't wait to see how we get to celebrate the Bad Girls Birthday this month!!!!!


Happy, Happy Birthday Wendy and Bad Girls!! Time sure is flying! I miss my sub and I keep missing out on picking up an leftovers here or there :-( But, I'm bad enough to keep trying! Congrats on being the best kit club out there :-)

Debbie Buckland

happy birthday bad girls!!!!
Now that you are 2 are you turning bad to terrible? lol

Those kits are just divine Wendy I totally agree with you.

My creative stories are not as good as yours. But I to have a very supportive hubby. He gives me scrap supplies instead of flowers. How cool is that?


Happy Happy Birthday Bad Girls!!
I am soooo looking forward to the classes...such talented teachers!!
I am loving the new kits...such treasures..I feel like its my birthday everytime I get mine!! And as for glitter..my motto is..A girl can never be too sparkly!!!

susan bourgeois

Wow! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those new stick pins! They are just AWESOME!!!! I can't wait for my new kit to arrive--though I am still working on my envelope album from last month! Love all those beautiful goodies :0)


Happy Birthday! Bad Girls!!! The kits are beautiful as usual and the new classes look fabulous!

Jen B

I get my art supplies all over the place too! When I get motoring, I take over my scrap area, the kitchen table, the kitchen counters, the floor and sometimes my room or the living room too. And don't even get me started on glitter! I don't use it often, but when I do, everything sparkles for months! I love it when my hubby comes home and I spot traces of glitter he had no idea he was sporting at work.

And happy birthday, Bad Girls! Here's to many, many more!

Katie Squires

The Cinderella coaches are so amazing :) As of course are the kits :)


Well, of course Happy Birthday but I'm sure there's still much partying to do later! And Wendy, I really do think you're on to something with the gold and the flooring, seriously! I would have enfused wood floors. The next thing I want to say is that the CLASSES DO ROCK! I've only taken Jeni's but I have absolutely nothing but accolades for her, she's awesome and so professional and answers you in a heartbeat...I think she spends her life in front of her computer just like me. Her Photoshop class is really valuable, I hope she'll do more. If you look anywhere else, classes like that would cost $100's.

Now, you asked my scrap room/space. Well, I am doing something that Jeni actually suggested-- a scrap garage sale!!! I will be doing it in a few weeks b/c I just have too much stuff. I'm going to start a post on the Boards about it, but don't you think that's the greatest idea. I think we should all do one (those of us with way toooooo much ) and report how it goes. I"ve got to make room for more inventory and I can't bear to just pack it up -- SOMEONE out there will really get good use of the stuff. I think for everything I don't sell...well, I'll keep it to the boards...but I'm thinking charity.

Love you Wendy....as always, you da bomb!


Happy Birthday, Bad Girls!!!! I can't wait to see what's next!


Happy Birthday Bad Girls! I am so thankful I found you guys! :-)

Loving the new kits, haven't been able to use much of the "old" kits so I better use them first, lol, but the project from June looks so yummy everyone is posting, I can't wait!

I think I am also gonna have a scrap-garage sale, that is if I can talk anyone around here into helping me a little. I sure could use the money and space! Money for more BG stuff!

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