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June 20, 2009


Karen Dodson

LOVE the new packaging, Wendy!!! I can't wait 'til I get that pink bag in my hands. I think I might sleep with it under my pillow the first night...LOL!!

Account Deleted

wow!! i just can't wait to hold my bag!!!!! bring it on!!!!
ps. i struggle with digital too!!! I have as a goal to learn photoshop by the end of the year.

Lillian L

oh this is SO kewl!

are these EVERY month? :O oooooooooooooooh! and for every kit? or just the main kit?
oh, i *heart* digi programs :) I can't wait to get time off from work and work on 'em pics of mine :D
oh, and proud mama w/ peter jr! You rawk!

Talk soon! Work is ALMOST slowing down for me n' then I can hang out A LOT again :D
Much Luv


Wendy Rago

Hey Lillian! Yes! The tote bags are for every month....and only for the main feature kit. :) I can't wait till work slows down for you girlie so you can play more! ((HUGS))) xoxoxo


The totebags are beautiful and a FAB idea...AWESOME site revamp...great to be able to have you around Wendy!!


The totes are delish!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get it inmy hands. its kind nicethat it is only for the main kit. makes me feel special!

Sherry B

Are you kidding me!!!! This is just getting better and better!!!


OMG!!! I just love the totes!!! I don't have a scraproom (YET) so it's perfect!!! and pink!!! Love it!


The totebag is even BETTER in person!!!!!!!!!

I got mine today and wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous and so cool Wendy! I needed a pick me up and this did it!



I love this idea!!!!....grab and go(rgeous)!!! I am so excited about the direction you are taking BGs Wendy!! Thanks for spoiling us!!


Those are so "beautimous"...when you say main kit, do you mean the sub kit or the class kit....either way it is a wonderful thing, I always said I would buy anything if it was beautifully packaged...winks!!!!


LOVE the tote bag idea! Totally genius!

gwen jaeger

I LOVE the tote, Wendy! It's so great to be able to have everything together like that!

I loved the hockey photos, too! They are hard to get, aren't they? But you did a great job. Two of my boys played hockey from when they were really little, through high school--it got to be pretty hectic at times, but now I sometimes miss hanging out at the rink and yelling with the other moms and dads!

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