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June 14, 2009



Wendy, I am so excited about it ALL! I love to have classes in all forms, so the teaching that will go with the kits, as well as the online classes really have me hooked! Now any way we can buy a few more hours in every day to play?!!!

Karen Dodson

Is it against the rules to say EVERYTHING???!!!
OK, so just in case I really have to pick only one, I'm going to say it's the kits with the instruction and education...or maybe the blueprint...or maybe the classes...
OH I can't pick just ONE thing!!! Please don't make me pick ONE,Wendy!!! I love it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The new direction is awesome! I love the idea of having a artsy vintage place where I can come to for inspiration. Nothing better than some Bad Girl inspiration to find my MOJO when it has gone on a rendezvous with out me.

Missy B

Wendy, everything here is always fabulous! I am most excited about the Blueprint..It is a wonderful go to for inspiration when scrapping in the evening.


christina witkowski

I am excited that you will be highlighting good stuff you see in the gallery.

Lesley Langdon

I am thrilled about the classes! I certainly have a lot to learn and the Elite Artistes are so inspirational and come up with such OUT OF THE BOX ideas! Way to go Bad Girls.

jeanie nieva

i love the overhaul you did with the site. and this month's kit?mouthwatering...:)

gian de la rama

i am excited about the new classes. :)


Funny, I was afraid when things changed that it would be above me and I am finding that I am so excited about the classes as wekk as the blueprint (this is VERY cool). Thanks for sharing pieces of you, Wendy. Man, I love this place : )

Sophia Allison

I'm loving the whole new look of the site etc...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Charity Donaldson

I am so excited about all the changes here at Bad Girls, although I will admit when I first heard about them I was really sad...just me being silly...Wendy has such GREAT ideas I should have just jumped right in, but I was really afraid. The classes have me most excited because I am about to hit my one year scrappy anniversary and I have grown in such leaps and bounds since becoming a Bad Girl that I can't wait to see what happens with some instruction. LOVE THE BLUEPRINT as well!! Not only do we get a sketch with a completed example, but vivid, inspirational eye candy as well. Thanks so much for the changes!!!

Jen B

Everything seems pretty exciting here, but what's really got my engine going is the bleuprint. I think it's an awesome way to spark creativity and let the mind just go. I love how there's visual inspiration along with a sketch. And I love how there's no boundaries to the creations. I love how rule free you're making this form of art. I've never really liked the rules and believe they all should be broken so we can just have some messy, globby, papery fun.

St├ęphanie Pouliot

I love it all!
The new looks especially!!!!
love the soft colors!
Good luck in your new twist!

Cindy D

I'm most excited about the new kit and the classes!


I am so exciting about all the changes here at Bad Girls!! The classes are a wonderful addition. Sad to say I can't afford the first one but hopefully I can take the next one! I am also very glad that we are still having the Tote Bag Challenges!!! I gotta have that bag!!! LOL


I just love the bleuprint :)
this is such a inspiration for me and it really gets me going :)


Everything, of course! But I think my favorites are the things that are going to help me grow and/or challenge me, like the bleu prints, tote bag challenges, and the lesson portions of the main kit!


I love the teaching part, I love how I`m actually learning something:)
Have a great night!

Michelle A.

The new kit looks fabulous & I am excited about the classes...love to learn some fabulous techniques!

Sherry B

I am loving all of it...esp the new kit direction! I am addicted to buying art supplies, so this is PERFECT!!


I love it all, but I LOVE THE NAKED ART. I have been scrapping NAKED for years. I love to use all the awesome scrap booking supplies to make a beautiful piece of art. I have been doing it for years and some thought I was nuts because my page would not have a photo. SO NAKED ART RULES :) (so now that lady who was so rude to me for not having a picture on my page "can eat my grits!" LOL)

Jan LaPlante

I am loving all of it also. I can't wait to get my hands on the June kit. I have been hoarding my last two kits as I have an extensive France album to do...and your BG style will give it that extra zing.

Katie Squires

I love the Teaching!!!! and the Bleauprint has me really excited!!!

Linda F.

Oh my! I'm excited about everything. But I think the exclusivity of the kits is the most awesome thing! This is going to be so exciting each month!

Nicole Hiltbrand

Love the new direction the site is taking. Its Romantic, Shabby Chic, Soft, Whimsical and artsy!!!!! What more can I say!!! Its perfect!!!!!

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