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Kaytee (Katharmony on BadGirlsKits)

Wow!!! Gorgeous!! I've wanted to experiment with quilling for a while now!!


awesome Heidi !!!


i am SO all over this one! :D WOOHOO! I have to try this :D GREAT Canvas!

Jamie Dougherty

That is unbelievably GOrgeous!!! I am so making something off of his. BEAUTIFUL!!!


WOOOOOW! Out of all the projects, I think this one takes the cake as the most innovative and creative...Heidi, amazing. Very inspiring. I think we'll see a lot of really different stuff. I'm so excited. And I've got lots of canvas...now if my kit will just come! I've never tried quilling before, so this gives me a chance to try that too. Cool!


Just beautiful, Heidi!!!!

Sherry B

This is cool!

Lillian Lincoln

I Love that you SPILLED the adhesive :)
but what kind? :D


That is absolutely amaizingly awesome!!!! Love it!

Lillian Lincoln

here is the link to mine :D
thanks for the jumpstart inspiration!

Jan LaPlante

Truly beautiful and stunning to say the least. Love it and will give it a go.
Thanks Heidi.

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