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YAY.. finally..I just love the thought behind this blog and wow the inspiration is Flowing.. thank you wendy and all the bad girls. I´m off to create!

Pamela Palmarini

Good luck with this endeavour!! We need blogs that inspire art, and inspire us to say, "Shut the heck up!", to that noisey nasty little critic... Push him in the closet, and leave him there, and just DO IT!!!

Lori Laing

Awesome blog wendy! Love the idea behind it and I just know you Bad Girls are going to inspire me so much!


This is so cool and I too love the thought behind this blog. Lately I need some inspiration to look at things a bit differently than before, and to feel the confidence to do it.


i love this project!
And I will definitely come alon gand play with you;)


very classy and elegant w/some funk thrown in. love love love it!


looking TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!! (as usual)
great taste!!


I can't wait for this blog!! Wendy, your premiere project looks so cool!


I have been waiting for this :)
Love your first project!

Katie (Katharmony on BadGirlsKits)

I am so excited the blog is up!! I always have trouble with the little critic in my head! This blog is sure to be inspiring and informative!!! Wendy, you are FANTABULOUS!!!

Carla Mayfield

What I think is that you and your designers are immensely talented, and that this is a brilliant idea! What I also think is that for the past year I have been caught up in the, "how many design teams can I get on"? bandwagon. For almost a year, every time I went into my stamp room I had an assignment, or a deadline. What I think is that for 2009, I am going to play with whatever I want whenever I want. I'm not going to worry about whether I'm using the right company, or whether this paper is retired, or whether I'll EVER be as talented as so & so. When did creating become a contest? I'm just going to play. I've stepped down from two teams, two more terms will be over in the Spring. This blog looks like EXACTLY what I need!!

Susie Gray {G.}


The blog looks fabulous and I'm soo freakin excited to be able to play along.. kinda unexpected twist I dare, say...!!! ;)

Love the whole shadow box.. gorgeous!
You amaze and inspire me Wendy! thanks!!

Rachel Tops

Awesome blog ladies! I am inspired already!


Anne Jagger

Wow what amazing products and projects. Can't wait to start playing! Beautiful things.

Nikki D

OH WOW!!!! now this is totally going to kick me in gear!!!! thanx for the inspiration!!!!!


Gorgeous!!! I love the idea of this blog, no doubt I will be inspired! And I adore your first project, it is stunning. Can't wait to play along! Thank you! XOXO

Erin Gudge

Good luck with the new blog! I love that project, and I am excited about the idea of this blog, I think it's going to rock!!


Love this blog!! The first project is amazing and I can't wait to see all the inspiration you have in store for us! Thanks for creating this wonderful place to inspire us all to create!!


Wendy - this is awesome!

Anita Hiltz

I love that train case! Very clever, Wendy! I love the idea of this blog and will definitely be following it!


I'm not sure where my comment I'll start again. Wendy - this is awesome! I am soo inspired already! You and the rest of the Bad Girls never cease to amaze me with your creativity! I am so excited!!!!!

I love the idea.. I love to alter so this is perfect to start! this is awesome!!! inspiration, inspiration! thanks... time to ALTER!!!!


Having problems with my post... seems same as Jeanette hehehe... where my post went? ok.. again...

I love your project and I can wait.. this is awesome.. I love to ALTER! so this is perfect for me inspiration, inspiration, inspiration... congratulations this blog ROCKS!!!!


Oh WOW! Wendy, when you told us about this blog, I was so excited, but not I'm swimming in ecstacy! This is amazing and I'm so excited to be a part of this team who will contribute artwork to this blog... INSPIRE... that's the perfect term to wrap up this blog! COngrats!! It's perfect!



Love the project you made. The Dt gallery always inspires me. I have subscribed to many other kit clubs but I ended those subscriptions once I came across your site. I love the mix of vintage and new that you use in the kits and I know I will be loving the inspiration all you bad girls will bring to Project 52. Who knows, I might even be tempted to finally show you guys some of my creations. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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